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Tony lives in Imafon where she is the founder of Durian whose mission is to empower people with the necessary skills and confidence to become self-sufficient with a focus on transforming local waste into value for the community. With support from the Sathi Fund, she is realizing her dream of creating an eco-village training center made entirely of bamboo and salvaged materials. The new center will serve as a model entrepreneurial hub in the community. In 2017, she completed the prestigious social change-maker residency at the Kanthari Institute in Kerala, India. Her statement of purpose: “I believe our world can become a better place if we begin to show love and kindness to all. And it begins with you and me.” 

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Aji is from Trivandrum. He became a paraplegic in 2002 after a fall from a tree while working as a laborer. After his accident, he became quite depressed, but eventually joined a patient rehabilitation program and learned to make umbrellas, cleaning products, bags and soaps. Today, with support from the Sathi Fund, Aji is leading an income generation team of patients with disabilities at Pallium India, a palliative patient care and advocacy health NGO. Aji’s team produces several types of products to sell in the local markets around Kerala using upcycled and reclaimed materials. His statement of purpose: “I want to show how people with disabilities can live in dignity, can be economically self-sufficient and positively contribute to society."

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alhassan mUniru, ghana

Al is the founder of Recycle Up Ghana! whose mission is to co-create local solutions to solve the waste challenge through youth empowerment programs. Sathi Fund is currently helping him establish a new innovation center in Kumasi to incubate new technologies and interventions. Al has a background in materials science, was a Global Citizen Fellow at the Ban Ki-moon Center for Global Citizens, and was a finalist in 2018 at the World Bank Youth Summit Competition. His statement of purpose: “I want to solve the problem of waste plastics in my country and do so through new innovations which put young adults into gainful employment.”